The Part of the O’Reilly Auto Parts Building That Asia Market Thai-Lao Food Will Take Over

Cricket Wireless shuttered in the northwest corner of the building on N. Main at Pecore St. a few years ago, leaving O’Reilly Auto Parts alone in the structure. Now, signage for Asia Market Thai-Lao Food is up on the carrier’s former location. The aerial photo above views the building at 3600 N. Main adjacent to Whataburger from up over El Taquito Rico’s former spot (also undergoing a turnover) on the narrow corner across the street.

The original Asia Market included a store in addition to the restaurant. Here’s what it looked like in the strip on Cavalcade between Norhill Blvd. and Michaux St. it occupied since 1987:


The business closed in January, and earlier this month a new restaurant opened in its place. Dubbed Street Food Thai, it dropped the store and the Laotian foods carried by its predecessor.

Photos: Swamplot inbox (Asia Market Thai-Lao Food); NewQuest (aerial)

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  • The history is a little off here.

    The original Asia Market Restaurant first opened in 1983 on North Main where Foreign Correspondents is/was (per, among other sources). It moved to the Cavalcade at Norhill location in 1987, and then relocated again in 2015 to its current spot at Fulton and Cavalcade. A new restaurant called “Asia Market Thai Lao Food” took over the Cavalcade at Norhill spot, and looks to be the one moving to the North Main O’Reilly’s building. Street Food Thai will now be the third Thai restaurant at the Cavalcade/Norhill location.

  • BEST Tai food in town. Hands down, no competition, period. Try the whole fried fish you have to ask for, as is off menu and the Tom Ka Gai coconut curry soup is crazy good, but only do spicy level #1 if you don’t want to burn your face off!

    Glad to see old H-town can keep at least one Houston Gem!

  • Anyone know how to get your kids to eat Thai food? I cannot get my kids past the fried shrimp at Hughies. It is nice that each time one of these wonderful local Thai restaurants moves another really good one takes its place. Usually, Height gentrification has been the death of the little guys.

  • You incorrectly state the name of the new Market & restaurant. The name is Street Food Thai Market. You also incorrectly state that the new place doesn’t carry the same market goods. The new place has groceries and produce and they sell at better/same prices.
    Ian has the history correct but this is not Norhill, rather Monte Beach/Brook Smith.

  • @OldSchool,
    Noodles are the gateway.
    The pad kee mao (mild) at Asia Market is a good start. We’ve also had good luck with lettuce wraps. And crispy spring rolls.

  • @Old School: Just eat it in front of them. I’ve never made my daughter eat anything and she’s become pretty adventurous. She likes sushi, Thai, scary dives, etc. and is willing to try any food. It may take a while. Little kids have a very constrained range of foods. Give them time and opportunity to expand.