That Pelham House is Not Being Torn Down

2504 Pelham Dr., River Oaks, HoustonIt appeared for a few hours yesterday that the house at 2504 Pelham Dr. would be undergoing another round of remodeling: transformed from the 1938 design by Charles Oliver by a 2013 overhaul of facade and interior, the house looked to be slated for further transformation into rubble.

In fact, only the garage is going away, though the demo permit listing wasn’t specific. Several shocked readers jumped on the case and confirmed that the house itself is safe for the time being. Architectural firm Spencer Howard even discovered that the ill-fated garage is being redesigned by none other than architectural firm Spencer Howard McAlpine Tankersley:


The home was renovated in 2013 by Bobby McAlpine and Susan Ferrier of McAlpine Tankersley — the red bricks were washed white and the interior was streamlined.

Photo of 2504 Pelham Dr.: HAR

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