The Piney Point Mansion Beyoncé Likes Goes Up on the Auction Block

If Beyoncé still wants this deeply discounted Piney Point Village mansion for her mother, she might have to bring back Sasha Fierce and grab a paddle: It’s going up on February 19 for auction. The 21,640-sq.-ft., 4-kitchen rental property near Briar Forest was listed as recently as January 3 at $5.9 million — and, says the website of California-based auction house Premier Estates, that’s just where bids will start.


But it’ll cost you no less than $50,000 to get in on the fun. In 2007, divorcing owners Doug and Melanie Johnson listed the 8-bedroom 11682 Arrowwood house for sale. Given control of the sale, the cash-strapped local-teevee mogul set the price at $19.9 million. In 2009, Melanie went back to court to get control of the sale; incremental adjustments have since brought the price all the way down to $5.9 million. Most recently, the house has been available as a $25,000-a-week vacation getaway, rented by the likes of rapper Wiz Khalifa for Thanksgiving dinner — and, it was rumored, Michael Jordan. Who could blame them? Get a load of the — uh, luxury:

Photos: Premier Estates, HAR

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