The Proliferation of Mattress Stores, Explained; A Traffic-Stopping Proposal on I-45


Photo of Discovery Green: Bill Barfield via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • That dude may get a marriage license out of this but he’s probably gonna lose his drivers license. What a fool.
    As for the BG purchase, that really sucks for the affected employees, but honestly it’s actually a good sign for the oil market as a whole. Seeing big dogs go shopping during a slump like this reassures me that they are capable of weathering the storm.

  • The guy shutting down 45…what an ass. I hope he faces charges. How dangerous that could have been? What if emergency vehicles needed to get though?

  • It’s all about ME! ME! ME! ALL THE F-ING TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F*&^ SOCIETY!!!!!!!

  • Per Houston Press, this guy is six months off a divorce from a two year marriage.

    I appreciate this fellow for his ability to bring all of fractured Houston together in a massive show of disapproval.

  • That’s Me!’llennials for ya. They are the next plague on society. Its only going to get worse. They are all about themselves and don’t respect authority. If the cops had shown up, they would have resisted arrest, been thrown to the curb and then then cops would have been fired and these two become heros. Our society is a just a bad comedy now.

  • when did commonsense change his username?