The Rest of Richmont Square Prepares to Get Leveled

THE REST OF RICHMONT SQUARE PREPARES TO GET LEVELED Richmont Square Apartments, 1400 Richmond Ave., HoustonResidents of the Richmont Square apartments learned today that they have until May 1 to get out of the way of the bulldozers, writes Erin Mulvaney of the Houston Chronicle. The apartments, which are owned by the Menil Foundation, will be brushed away to make room for upcoming phases of the Menil’s unfolding master plan, announced back in 2009. The back third of the 1960s complex facing Richmond Ave was demolished at the start of 2015  to free up space for an extension of W. Main St.; the Menil’s new Drawing Institute is currently being penciled in to the north of the remaining apartments. Richmont Square’s leasing office began to offer only month-to-month contracts by early January, though a set date for the eventual teardown had not been made public at the time. [Houston Chronicle; previously on Swamplot] Photo: John Ronald via Flickr

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  • And there goes one of the last affordable apartment complexes in montrose.

  • They should auction off the “no thongs allowed” sign from the old pool.

  • Link to the complete master plan showing what’s going along Richmond?

  • The apartments are owned by the Menil Foundation, not Menil Institute.

  • Good catch, John! Corrected.

  • Jacob, I suspect that there will soon be many affordable apartments in Montrose.

  • If the walls could talk- some people would pay LOTS of $$$$ to NOT have their dirty(sex & drugs secrets spilled ). Then the Richmond Square Apts. was one of THE places Inside Loop 610 ,in the late 1970s’ where you could have one really fun time-just walk through the gates, plant yourself by one of the pools-get picked up by on of the desirable tenants and viola you had a date- that was day or night time. The weekend daytime pool parties were insane… Lots of debauchery… Ah…the good ole days..