The Rise of Texas Housing; Inside the New Marfreless

north main street and e. 22nd street

Photo at N. Main Street and E. 22nd Street: Molly Block via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • I never understood why TxDOT’s proverbially feet aren’t held to the fire for the length of time that businesses are affected when they do freeway construction. If Metro took as long and affect this many ppl / businesses, it would raise so much consternation that you couldn’t hear yourself think.
    Double standard. Freeway construction = good. Any other transportation construction = bad

  • DNAguy,

    Businesses see the benefits to the TxDOT work. TxDOT is also more experienced in catering to the public and businesses before, during, and after construction.

    METRO work never helps business in a measurable way. Looking at Midtown and along Harrisburg should demonstrate this.