The Rumors That Fiesta Will Be Taking Over the Randall’s Flagship at Shepherd Square

Unverified rumors from 2 sources that appear to be separate have now made their way to Swamplot, but we have no details or confirmation. The first is that Fiesta Mart is considering taking the Randall’s Flagship location at the corner of Westheimer and Shepherd Dr.; the second is that Fiesta actually will move into the space — from the West Alabama and Dunlavy location now slated for an apartment building. If you’ve got more of the scoop, let us know!

Photo of Randall’s Flagship Shepherd Square: Panoramio user Wolfgang Houston

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  • I’m sure some will not like this, but Randall’s continuous high prices need to go. Fiesta will be a great replacement and not too far from the previous location.

  • OMG yes. Yes in every way.

  • I’m so surprised Randall’s has survived with their prices the way they are. There is so much competition and they don’t offer anything the other stores don’t. No one is ever in the parking lot at the Voss location. I bet Trader Joe’s moving to Voss will be the nail in the coffin for that location.

  • It does make sense? I said the same several months ago!

  • I haven’t heard the rumor but hope it comes true! I was in this Randall’s a few days ago and noticed they’re posting Tom Thumb branded signs on some fixtures. Either something’s about to change or they just don’t care anymore.

  • I heard that HEB is going into a former Randalls location at Jones and West rd. I sure hope so. Im sick of Kroger.

  • Frankly, with as fickle of a grocery market that Houston has, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Safeway owned Randalls exiting the marketplace entirely. Fiesta would be an awesome replacement. Apparently, that is if this is true, Fiesta has come to the realization that their absurdly low price/sqft requirement for a new store inside the loop just wasn’t going to come to fruition. Competitively prices seafood in the hood would be a very welcome change of pace.

  • I like that Randalls (ducking and running…) but its also a good location for Fiesta. It would be nice to shop in one nearby that doesnt seem to be stuck in the 70s (floor & fixture-wise).

  • Besides high prices, Randall’s also offers the slowest checkout process
    (only 2 lanes open, silent checkers staring ruefully at their machines)
    Would love to see my dear Fiesta land there. However, there is something weird about that strip center- nobody seems to thrive there, all the businesses seem kind of just hanging on. Except for the way cool Cartridge World. (shout out to Van & gang), I don’t patronise anything in there. Do you?

  • When will the Heights get an HEB?

  • Where were all the historic preservationist when those evil developers decided to tear down the car dealership that used to occupy this site??? What a same.

    Remember Hub Buick on Westheimer at Kirby? What about Central Ford on Westheimer near Mid Lane? Houston cares NOTHING about it’s history. Westheimer used to be THE place to buy a car. Now this.

    No a serious note, anything is better than Randall’s / Safeway. I’d prefer and Alamo Draft House though.

  • Preservationists? Car dealerships? You have got to be kidding. While I grew up in car dealerships, those two dealerships were nothing anyone in their right mind should pine over whether or not they they were saved from the wrecking ball.
    That makes about as much sense as longing for the dump that was Al Goldman’s Office store across Shepherd to still be there.

  • …I don’t patronise anything in there. Do you?

    you can have my Jason’s Deli sweet tea when you pry my cold dead hands from the cup……but other than JD, which you could argue technically stands apart from the strip center proper, nope

  • Fiesta seems to be moving in this direction, demo-wise:

    with Monica Pope (tafia)

    and Mark Holley (Pesce)

  • Sweet; hate Randalls ever since they made my Dad close all his Minimax supermarkets when they built stores within half a mile of his in the 80’s; and triple couponed his business into bankruptcy. To hell with the hypcocrites that used to own them, and or now Safeway. Viva Fiesta.

  • I’ll take you at your word regarding the desirability of Fiesta. I dropped into the one across from the Astrodome a few years back and certainly wouldn’t want it anywhere near my home. Stinks like fish and had lots of flies in the produce section. YUCK.

  • Fiesta has very good produce, and I’ve gotten good quality seafood even at some pretty dregish stores, like the one on 45 and airline rd. Fresh produce usually comes with some unwanted pests, don’t be so snooty- having worked in produce in my high school years. Unload some onions if you need proof.

  • We hate to see Fiesta go but don’t think that is the right location for them. If they go, we would surely miss Barry.

  • @Nearby I have to agree with you I have had the same experience in every Fiesta that I have been in . . . My father enjoyed shopping at Fiesta so I would frequent Fiestas often growing up . . . They just never seemed like a clean store. If Fiesta moves into that shopping center I think it will go straight downhill.

  • Shepherd Square suffers from the same access issues as other centers in the area: there are no dedicated left turn lanes on either Shepherd or Westheimer, and no left turns are allowed at either light. Unless you’re going north or east, it’s not easy to get into that center.

  • I’ve been surprised that the new HEB has not seemed to hurt Fiesta’s business. It has to have hurt that Randalls though.

    I say go for it. The Randalls is huge and cold and over-priced. Fiesta would be an improvement.

  • I sort of like that Randalls but it is close and easy to get in and out of for me because I usually walk. There is never anyone there (good for me and bad for them) so shopping is easy and I don’t really think their prices are discernably higher. I guess I am odd man out though. Since I live close I shop at Jason’s, Randalls, The Hallmark store, Auntie Chengs, Sport Clips…. I do a good bit in that plaza. I hate the setback but I do find the parking lot always clean, the palmettos cool, and the place is well kept.

    I like Fiesta for its quirkiness and I don’t mind shopping there (I stopped in quick yesterday in fact) but it is much smaller than Randalls. Would they be able to take all that space? I do also have to say that it does smell much worse than any other grocery store I have been in in Houston.

  • Fiesta? Smells? Dirty? Not the one at Dunlavy!

    Unless you’re talking about the produce, which indeed “smells” like…fresh ready-to-eat produce!

    Randall’s Shepherd Square produce is smell-free. And bright green. And never ripens but still manages to rot.

    (After years of Randall’s shopping, I switched to Fiesta and happily get 95% of my groceries there. It’s small and a bit cramped, yes, but I’ve never observed it dirty or smelly!)

  • Aw, I used to live nearby and really liked that Randalls! It was always clean, well stocked (great line of organics that were cheaper than Whole Foods), and the produce was a much higher quality than Kroger or Fiesta. Yes, Fiesta is cheaper, but I agree that the one on Dunlavy always smelled, was dirty, and had very poor quality produce. HEB is obviously superior in prices, quality, and appearance to just about anywhere else, but if you shop Randalls’ sales (esp. the coupons in their fliers, which you can pair w/ manufacturers coupons, which they still double/triple, unlike Kroger or HEB) they still have some real deals. I’ll be sad to see that location go, if the rumors are true! (oh, I’ve shopped the Hallmark in that shopping center too — it’s nice, super friendly, helpful staff)

  • I’m tellin’ ya. Walk into Fiesta on south Kirby and it isn’t fresh produce you’ll smell but rather a combo of sour milk and old fish. However, I must say I’ve never seen a wider selection of fake gold watches, pinatas or Jesus Votives at any other grocery in town.

    Since setting foot in one, I’ve never gone out of my way to visit another but I do understand there to be a very loyal crowd. I can’t imagine a Fiesta would do better near R.O. than Randalls.

  • …I don’t patronise anything in there. Do you?

    Churrasco has great hamburgers.

  • Maybe I’m not in on the secret, because I think that Randall’s is actually a pleasant place to shop – it was renovated just a few years ago, the aisles are always wide open, and the place is clean and well-stocked. The prices don’t seem high at all compared to Kroger or Whole foods so long as you use a Randall’s card. The only bad part is the checkout experience.

    I’d be surprised to see Fiesta move into that space. The lease has to be considerably more expensive than their current location, and I would think this would be a challenge to their low-margin operation. But if they can pull it off that’s great – it would probably be one of their nicest stores.

  • I like going to this store when I don’t have time to put up with crowds, but it’s too expensive to do my regular grocery shopping there. Personally, I never shop at Fiesta. To me, if I walk in the front door and immediately smell the meat department, it just doesn’t seem clean.

  • I live in RO and why would I shop at a Fiesta? I’ve been in a couple (not by choice). Thought they were dirty and produce was iffy. I like RO Kroger, w Randals a distant second.

    The SS location is hard to get into because lack of left turn access. Cant see where Fiesta would help that. All it will do is lower the clientele/property values of other stores in the square.

  • Preach it, Pablo! That’s what I like to hear coming from the residents of RO- some good old fashioned honesty! Gotta’ keep that riff-raff out.

  • All this talk about Fiesta being the smelliest in town….have any of you stepped into Honk Kong Market?! I think its supposed to be a good thing there though? Hit that place every Sunday. Despite the large selection, avoid the fish. Catfish is swimming horrid water, but those fish never stay in there for very long. trust me. Fish trick…put them in a cooler of water few hours before you plan to clean them and it can make a large difference in the taste of meat. [For those who are willing to clean their own fish]. Yeah HEB Montrose and Kroger are both nice, Krogers products might be just a little dated I guess.

  • haha!! Of course that should be honG Kong. Honk Kong might be a great new name though

  • Some kinds of catfish like still murky waters.

    We put them in our stock pond in the country and they get BIG.

  • cory, I’m curious how Randalls “made” your dad close up shop? (not defending Randalls, as I don’t shop there, just wondering how one company could force another to close).

  • I patronize several shops in that strip. TeaHouse, Yogurtland, Churrascos (great happy hour) and Jason’s Deli. Only go to Randall’s if I’m in the location, but the Starbucks in the Flagship is convenient and simple.

  • The Shepherd Square Randalls’s has always reminded me of ‘The Stepford Wives’.That store is sorta creepy: hardly any shoppers,the check out employees are in a trance(does the store medicate it’s employees?) and getting into/out of that parking lot is not fun.Why there are no DEDICATED left turn lanes on Shepherd/Westheimer is typical for the City of Houston: NO vision.Anyway,I don’t think Fiesta will move there.It has a lease at the Dunlavy store through 2015.And the demographics will NOT support Fiesta in the Randall’s location.

  • Keeping my fingers crossed for an HEB to open in the old Randall’s location on Jones & West Rd. That would be a perfect location.

  • A quality supermarket chain taking over crappy stores such as Fiesta, most Kroger’s and some Randall’s should be welcome. There is nothing wrong with good pricing, quality products, a good customer service. HEB seems to have improved in these areas ad several locations I visited. By the way, Tom thumb and Safeway Randall’s are the same store. And remember store officers who do not treat their employees well do not deserve anybody’s business. Watch it SAFEWAY, FIESTA !!!