The Scene on San Felipe: Hines’s Friendly Neighborhood Skyscraper Is Going Up Now

Construction of 2229 San Felipe Tower, Vermont Commons, Houston

Aerial View of Proposed 2229 San Felipe Office Tower, Vermont Commons, Houston“They are definitely moving forward” on construction of the office tower at the corner of Spann St. and San Felipe between Kirby and Shepherd, a Swamplot reader reports from the scene across the street from River Oaks. Neighborhood complaints or no, Hines is ready to roll on its 17-story 2229 San Felipe development (portrayed in an aerial view among its low-rise neighbors at right). “They have scraped the land, built a cover over the neighbors garage, and fenced this property,” our correspondent reports. And oh, yeah: A crane has arrived.

Photo: Loves Swamplot. Aerial View of 2229 San Felipe: Hines

Sticking Up, for River Oaks

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  • Hahah!!!! thats awesome take that NIMBYS!

  • Hines wants to get started before the homeowners can file a lawsuit and get a temporary restraining order. Hines doesn’t play “nicey-nicey” with homeowners the way some do. Of course the city doesn’t mess with Hines. Just the smaller developers who try to build in Southampton.

  • I hope the next door neighbors enjoy the sunlight while they still have it. @elseed, I can only hope they build the worst possible thing right next to you with a zero setback just to see how fast you scream NIMBY.

  • So roadchick, what is the amount of stories cut off point for sunlight blockage? Seems to me San Felipe is and east/west street, and the sun travels east/west, so there will be sunlight at some point in the day. Correct? And I would rather have this than the typical ugly 6 up-right matchboxes on 1 lot townhome.

  • Roadchick, you make it sound like the folks across the street are going to be put into a miles deep pit where the sun never reaches. Go find a shadow length calculator and see what the real numbers are. Keep in mind that the shadow moves throughout the day.

  • You have to hand it to Hines, unlike so many other so called “developers”, when they announce something dirt actually flies. So often Houston developers erect a sign (which we all watch deteriorate into mulch for 10 years) or release some elaborate model (yes I mean you Turnberry Tower, or whatever that Las Vegas mess they wanted to erect next to Transco (yeah it will never be Williams Tower to me)) –most Houston developers are like elaborate con men, mostly it’s all smoke and mirrors

  • Gotta LOVE seeing a photo of building site where Hines’ 17-story building is going to be SOOOOOOO out of place while the 34-story Huntingdon tower looks down from a couple blocks away. And don’t forget the 13-story BBVA Compass building just out of the frame.

  • Houston voters didn’t want zoning laws , so THIS is what you get…one of the ugliest disjointed cities in America.

  • Houston voters, voted for Sheila Jackson Lee. Please don’t judge Houston, by its voters.

  • Awesome…….I love it!!!