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  • Lets turn it into an art project. I have about 1000 left behind mattresses I can donate to the cause!

  • semi clever..

  • Awesome.

    Reminds me of the craigslist ads of people with stained furniture that is priced close to 1K. I can’t stop laughing when I read those ads.

  • The jokes on us! This was actually a Banksy piece worth several millions, pounds not dollars mind you.

    It now resides in Brangelina’s house.

  • Absolutely no laughing at the red bedbugs. Free furniture, ironic or not, isn’t quite what it was once upon a time.

    And aren’t hipsters confusing art with dumping???

  • miss msry, exactly my thought!

    Reminds me of the kid that ‘dumped’ his grandma’s baby grand piano on that island up east. The kid thought it was art but officials thought it was dumping and made him remove it.

  • Hmmm … is it still there? It looks better than the one I have now …

  • Maybe it wants to be The Red Couch?