The Sign of Del Taco Rises Over Houston

A reader catches workers installing the rising-sun Del Taco logo yesterday on the new fast-food joint going in at 8910 Westheimer, on the northwest corner of Fondren. Houston’s first Del Taco in a long long while is expected to open there “soon,” according to the installation crew.

Photo: Swamplot inbox

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  • Wow. I thought they learned their lesson in 1984. If we need another low-end taco place in this era of ubiquitous Taco Bells and Chipotle/Freebirds/Bullritos/Mission Burritos, why not Taco Bueno?

  • How come they went away in the first place? If I had my druthers I’d eat there instead of Taco Bell. That’s not saying much tho.

  • Weren’t there Taco Buenos in Houston, at one time?

  • Their chocolate cinnamon shakes are fantastic. I’ll give credit where it’s due.

  • About time time we go some good Mexican food around here. Next we need a Long John Slivers here in Galveston.

  • About time…I was thinking to myself just the other day, Man I could go from some tacos and crinkle cut fries…

  • The Del Taco website confirms it as a “coming soon” location.

  • What’s next Two Pesos returns?

  • I’d be happy for Two Pesos. still bummed they lost the lawsuit for “infringement” with Taco Cabana.
    and I was thinking the same thing about the tacos and crinkle cut frozen fries…why???

    also, Carl’s Jr is going in on Ella north of 610.

  • Related to Del Frisco’s?

  • Or chichi’s, haha yeah that was really a restaurant. Used to be Del Taco’s all over Spring/Klein but that was back when U-totem and circle K still existed..

  • There isn’t enough alcohol in the world to offset how gross Del Taco is…

  • Didn’t Del Taco have cheap hot-sauce-seasoned hamburgers too? It’s been nearly thirty years; I can’t exactly remember.

  • We need a Taco Tico. That’s my favorite.

  • We need Tacos, Tacos, Tacos, Tacos with roller-skating male carhops.

  • The last time I had a Del Taco was in Vegas and it was one of the worst things I have ever ate, but I would give them one more shot. I would have preferred Taco Bueno though, now that place is great!

  • Oh my God, those combo burritos and fries got me through many a long night working at UH way too many years ago. This is as good as In n’ Out coming here to me.

  • I’m pretty sure that the Goode Company Taqueria building on Kirby was originally a Del Taco.

  • Isn’t there one in Conroe on 105 just west of I-45? A lot better than Taco Bell.

  • there was a Del Taco in Conroe off 336 and Frazier. it closed when they pulled out of Texas (1985?)
    I think it become the Long John Silvers. probably been torn down and rebuilt since then.

  • Taco Bueno is MUCH better than Del Taco and Taco Bell, hands down!

  • Try free yummy food from 5pm to 8pm on March 27th (Tuesday). You can come make your mind up yourself!

  • I’d like to see them reopen just one location from their last run in this market. They had one on Edgebrook, another on Braeswood near Fondren… it became a Shipleys after. I’m not sure if its still there.

  • Seem to recall the Del Taco name, don’t recall ever eating there tho’. So I’ll withhold comment on them for now.

    Love to eat at the Taco Buenos in DFW area tho’. And at the 2 North of Houston – Woodlands & Conroe stores – when they were open. Was sad to see them closed down when I was in the area this past week. Loved ’em better than Taco Bell.