The Smoke Is Back at Washington and Heights, but It Smells a Little Different This Time

That tractor totem parked in the corner of its parking lot at Washington and Yale means that Phil’s Texas Barbecue is hep to all the latest Washington Corridor restaurant trends; the BBQ pit stop was fashioned out of the former Southwest Muffler and Brake building. After more than 6 months of construction, the 7,000-sq.-ft. restaurant opens today.

Photo: Phil’s Texas Barbecue

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  • Seems like the layout has a bit of wasted space. The inside is nice, bbq good. While it is not a “I will go there everytime I want bbq” spot, it is definitely a “I want bbq with Phil’s bbq sauce” type of place. Thanks to the Stephenson’s for cleaning up a building on an important corner. I will definitely come back.

  • BBQ is mediocre at best, side dishes leave something to be desired, but the sauce kicked all kinds of butt!

  • Yeah come on guys could you at least cook the potatoes first before making potato salad. Cole slaw tasted like straight white vinegar. Meat was reasonably good, sauce as stated is quite good. Kind of “luthers” style – which makes me happy. Didn’t catch an “otto’s” vibe at all this place seemed like an airplane hangar. Good luck finding the restrooms.

  • Disagree with K. BBQ and sides were outstanding. The sauce and the cole slaw are downright special.

    Love the bar. You can order from there as well.

  • Ford 9N. 1939 model I believe.

  • I hadn’t been there yet.. but having to valet for a bbq joint just seems a bit out of place.. kinda like going to a sports bar and having to valet.. *cough*sawyerheightssportsbar*cough*

    But maybe that’s what makes it “trendy”..

  • Pardon me sir, may I park my cessna indoors?

  • I tried this place shortly after it opened. Calling it dog food is an insult to dog food. The turkey tasted like the turkey bricks you’d find in the cold cut section at Fiesta. As for the service, my dog can ring up an order faster than these folks. But the bathrooms were clean.

  • Phil’s delivers GREAT BBQ..with terrific sauce. It is a fun ..hip atmosphere and the wait staff is the best. They have worked out the kinks!!! BTW…they were smart to hire most of the BBQ staff from Ottos…so give it time ….Otto’s is back!!! One more…the tractor was salvaged from the old muffler shop…very cool!!!