The Social, Not Working?

THE SOCIAL, NOT WORKING? Live, from the Twitternet rumor mill! The Social Lounge and Patio Bar at 3730 Washington Ave. at Yale — just a couple blocks from the proposed site of the West End Walmart — “has closed its doors to the public,” reads an entirely unverified message from a liquor distributor. “Sources tell me the Comptroller was there yesterday to change the locks,” the tweet continues. Uh . . . whose comptroller? [Twitter] Photo: Katharine Shilcutt (license)

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  • Hmm one of the semi-oldies (over 5 yeards old) on Washington.. Was packed with bikers 2 Sundays ago, must have served one too many minors with Fake ID’s, or not paid something or someone…

  • The Social was a bar before the Washington bar scene really existed. Only been a couple of times.

    Some of it’s crowd got disbursed among the new establishments for afternoon drinks on Sundays. Saywer Park took my friends that used to hand out there.

  • Boo-hoo. Crying so hard right now.

  • Sounds like this is becoming a common theme in the area. First Cova, then Bubbas, now The Social???? All shut down by the authorities. Interesting.

  • The state comptroller’s office gets a little testy when you don’t pay the franchise tax.

    If I recall correctly, first they levy the bank account. Then if there’s nothing in the bank account, they send a locksmith over to change the locks and leave a number to call if you want to pick up a new key.

  • Do I smell sarcasm Sally?


  • I had a birthday party “gathering” there 7 years ago. I think it has a little more class than the many of the places on Washington Ave.

  • I like to think it was the guy from the Miller High Life commercials who was responsible, “You got a Walmart down the street and you’re charging $8 for a Miller High Life? I think I just became anti-Social! Pack it up!”

  • Great title

  • Wilf – Hilarious!

  • I remeber several years ago they would make people wait in line to get in even though it was obvious not that many people were inside (ala MBar, Mercury)… The new owners seemed more ‘social’ and opened up the bar more. Sad. I have a feeling this article will be repeated several times over the coming year with other bars on Washington taking the place of “The Social”… I do want the Art Guy’s Absolut bottle for my backyard though…

  • I’m glad…I have driven by a couple times in the last several weeks and DID NOT like the crowd we saw. I hope the rest of the bars on Washington don’t make the regression to a ‘rough’ crowd before going out of business or being converted into something else.

  • “From Newb:
    I’m glad…I have driven by a couple times in the last several weeks and DID NOT like the crowd we saw. I hope the rest of the bars on Washington don’t make the regression to a ‘rough’ crowd before going out of business or being converted into something else.”

    As opposed to the chachbags currently hanging out at all of the other overpriced/under served spots on Washington..

  • Oh no, I like Cova! According to the person who answered the phone at the Cova Kirby location, Cova’s Washington location is “temporarily closed” for “remodeling” and will re-open in 6-8 weeks…

  • i used to get lubed up @ the social then hook it to the rip-cord for some male patent leather fun

  • LOL! I prefer to hang out at Crocker (cata corner to Rip-Cord) and just watch the mayham on the street from the deck. Hustlers and Tranny Hustlers make for some fun viewing.

    I prefer to avoid Washington Ave as much as possible. The words douchebag and tool come to my mind way to often when I’m in the area driving by the bars.

  • What’s a “rough” crowd? Folks on motorcycles? I’ve know quite a few motorcycle owners over the years, going back to the little biker bar on Polk during the Stelter’s Harley Davidson days and believe me, most of them are a lot more down to earth and truly honest than the pretentious people that frequent the chi chi bars today.

  • I like the restaurants along Washington. Get rid of the bars, keep and add restaurants.

  • God forbid is someone is wearing leather chaps and maybe a studed jacket on a motorcycle! LOL. That doesn’t mean rough at all. You’ll find that people that dress like that and ride motor cycles can a fun group to hang out with!

  • Oh yeah, How could I forget FUN? And honest, and down to earth, and helpful and colorful and generous.

    Since the number 1 post said it was packed with bikers, I thought that’s what was meant by a “rough crowd”.

  • Maybe by rough crowd, Newb meant large groups of Ed Hardy-wearing hoodlums?

  • I’m just looking forward to not almost hitting drunkards crossing the street or cars parked 3/4 of the way into the street when turning North from Washington onto Yale. What a terrible blind corner.

  • Most of the folks I know who drive Harleys are lawyers, investment bankers and my doctor… though he did recently lose the pony tail, Those bikes aren’t cheep.

  • Not being a dude, I wouldn’t know, but every single one of my male friends had something negative to say about the men’s restroom at the social.

    It was set up with mirrors at eye level, and there was no “buffer” — so you had to stand directly next to the other guy using the facilities, and hope to god you both weren’t looking in the eye-level mirror at the same time.

    It was so awkward that we were dissuaded from choosing that place for drinks ever again.