The Stadium Effect on Home Values; Designing a Houston of the Future


Photo of Pennzoil Place: Bill Barfield via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • I like attending the events as much as anyone, but I’m fairly confident that if we replaced all of NRG Park today with more residential, the resulting neighborhood home values would be just fine or even higher.

  • What? Of course rents and home prices around NRG are higher than the metro average. They’re inside the loop and near the TMC!

  • I hardly think that NRG Stadium has anything to do with a positive value of the homes within a two mile radius
    of NRG. As the article said the values around The Dallas Texans stadium went down.
    The real driver in that area is the Medical center which is now in the process of swallowing up the area around NRG. It also doesn’t hurt that the light rail line goes directly through the area.

  • The NRG area is quite convenient, with some tony enclaves nearby, and more walkable than you might think, though it is deeply unhip. TMC is right there, and it is nice to be walking distance from NRG events. Not so nice: Traffic that accompanies said events, when you just want to get home from work (looking at YOU, HLSR); horrible ‘music’ from outdoor NRG concerts permeating the neighborhoods west a few times a year.

  • Brown and Gay story:
    LMAO @ the whining fools that are always looking for something to get offended over. I’ll bet they refuse to admit they were wrong since everything is always someone else’s fault to them.

  • Re; Brown and Gay..
    First, I think they knew what they were doing with the sign, but whatever. The depressing thing is all the people that called the NEWS about it? Oh give me a break. If the store owner is to be believed, not a single person complained to him or contacted him about it EXCEPT the news. If I were “brown” or “Gay” and saw the sign, and didn’t know it was a company, I’d be thinking “sweet! discounted food!”.
    My guess is the people that complained were white (and likely filled with white liberal guilt)

  • This just in to the newsroom: Housing prices within two miles of Bayou Bend are 1,000% or more of the Houston average. Film at 10.!

  • RE: NRG and Home Values
    I live in the radius specified and I don’t think NRG Stadium affects my home value one whit. If anything, I find it a bit of a pain to get home when big events are happening (Texan home games, the month of HLSR). I’m ashamed to say that I’m quite familiar with NRG Park’s events website page.
    But, the fact that the TMC, rail line, and being inside the Loop does bump up the rates – and, for which, I’m grateful. As Aristophanes said in his post: there is a surprising amount of walkability in the area (Braes Bayou hike and bike trail, for instance).

  • @NRG
    I live in Knollwood Village (west of NRG) and feel like the value increases in my neighborhood are impacted more by the TMC, the revitalizing S Main corridor, and soon will probably skyrocket due to the UT campus minutes away. We’re also zoned to Bellaire HS and Pershing MS so those probably help as well. I might believe the finding more if NRG wasn’t surrounded by a concrete desert and instead built a more vibrant and walkable shopping/restaurant scene around them. Parking could be developed in garages closer to the stadium or the old Astroworld lot.

  • Its a Trulia study, people! Its methodology is crap. Its clickbait advertising. Stop paying attention.

  • I still think the Original Timmy Chan is what is inflating real estate prices in this area.

  • Brown & Gay: hard to swallow he didn’t realize the double entendre, especially since the company goes by BGE.