The State of New Home Construction in Floodplains; What’s Planned So Far for the Former Chevron Campus; Details on the Original Beaver’s Redo

Photo of 1002 Woodland St., Woodland Heights: Marc Longoria via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Re: Allen Harrison purchase..anyone with access to HBJ provide the location? Is this the Minimax property? Or ?…

  • 3900 Dacoma, HCAD 0993390000025 and 0993390000026.
    Just keep hitting refresh on the article and read really fast.

  • Thanks GoogleMaster. Now I know where to set up my paid NIMBY protesters/ actors.

  • HBJ needs to fire their web developer. Even though it says you need to subscribe to read the article, if you do a “view source” on the page and search for “premiumContentFlag” you’ll find the text of the article is visible.

  • @HTMLMaster: That is an awesome workaround for the HBJ article.

  • lol I hit “refresh” then took a screen shot. Funny how easy the work arounds are.