The Swampies: Your Nominations Still Wanted

Nominations closed for 3 more award categories early this morning: Best Teardown of the Year, Best Rebranding Effort, and Most Grandiose Development. We’ll be announcing the official nominees and opening the voting in all 3 today. Voting began yesterday for Favorite Houston Design Cliche and Best Project Cancellation or Delay.

We’ve also posted the official voting rules. Please note that campaigning for your favorite award candidates — by sending out emails to friends, Twittering, or posting about the contest in forums, other blogs, or on Facebook, for example — is highly encouraged. Start a groundswell for your choice!

Also, there’s still a just a bit more time for you to submit your nominations for the 5 remaining categories. The deadline for submissions for the “Only in Houston,Best Home Sleuth, and Most Fattening Real Estate Development awards is early tomorrow morning. Please help make the awards the best they can be by looking at each of those categories and adding your suggestions for nominations before that deadline. If one of your choices has already been submitted, you can help it succeed by adding your own explanation why it deserves to be on the ballot.