The Swamplot Awards Need Your Photos

THE SWAMPLOT AWARDS NEED YOUR PHOTOS Swamplot readers have already submitted some terrific nominations for this year’s Swampies. We’ll be doing our best next week to put the best of these into official ballots for each category. For some of the nominations, however, we could still use a bit of help. We need photos of these marvelous things readers are describing: weird inflatable Christmas and holiday lawn art, for example. Subdivision waterfalls. Polystone-al architecture. Maybe a few more wonders. If you’ve read a compelling description of a nominee submitted by a reader in any of the categories and thought to yourself, “Yeah, I know exactly what you’re talking about,” would you mind going out, snapping a photo of it, and sending it to us? You’ll receive full credit for your pics if you want — or you can remain blissfully anonymous. Whatever you contribute will help lesser known nominees get the attention they so rightfully deserve. If you’re interested in picking up some photo assignments, you can find nominations for all the categories posted so far in the comments section of each of the posts listed here.

The 2013 Swampies