The Swamplot Group Photo Feature FAQ

Interested in taking photos for Swamplot’s new group photo feature? Great! Here’s our streetcorner-photographing FAQ:

Okay, I’m at the corner of Kirby and West Alabama. What am I supposed to be snapping pictures of?
Whatever you want. Really. Anything that’s within 500 ft. of that intersection.

Swamplot is a real-estate site. That means you want photos of buildings, right?
Well, sure. But . . . really, it’ll be a little sad if that’s all we get. What else do you see going on near that corner?

I can already see everything I want in that area from my computer, using Google Street View. What’s the point of having us take more photos?
Try taking pictures of things you can’t see from Google Maps. Then we’ll see!

I’m not a particularly good photographer, but I can snap photos with my cameraphone. Do you want those?
Photos from any kind of camera and any kind of photographer are welcome. We all love to see spectacular images, but that’s not necessarily the point of this feature. We’re just trying to get a sense of a place. And sometimes quick-and-dirty snaps can do that better than polished portraits.


What email address should I send the photos to?
Don’t email them. Instead, upload them to Flickr, and make sure to tag each one with “Kirby & West Alabama.” Add descriptions and additional tags if you like. Then join the Swamplot Flickr group and add your photos to the Swamplot photo pool.

Can I take videos?
Yes. Just upload them to Flickr. Flickr requires videos to be 90 seconds or less.

What about geotagging?
If you can figure out how to do it, please go ahead! But it’s not required.

What’s so special about the corner of Kirby and West Alabama?
Why don’t you tell us — with your photos? Really, it’s just a place to kick off what we hope will be a regular Swamplot feature. If this little experiment doesn’t flop, we’ll move to a different location around the city each time.

When do you need the photos by?
Midnight on Thursday, October 22nd.

What if I miss the deadline?
You can get on board with the next assignment.

Will all submitted photos be shown?
Only some of the photos will be featured in the post; we’ll link to the rest. Tagged photos that are out of range or otherwise unsuitable may get kicked out of the pool.

Can I submit photos taken in other locations to the Swamplot Flickr pool?
Yes, while you’re at it. Just give them appropriate tags and descriptions.

You’re only going to be featuring the best photos, right?
Not really. We’ll try to assemble the best group of photos — which may or may not include the best individual shots.

I don’t like that corner. Do you have any other photo assignments to hand out?
We should, soon. Let’s see what you can do with this one first!

Graphic: Mr. Kimberly [license]

One Comment

  • A hint to those that don’t use Flickr too often: make sure to put the tag in quotation marks. When you put a tag in quotation marks on Flickr it keeps all the text together, otherwise each word becomes its own tag.