The Townhomes and Apartments Coming to Willowick Court

What’s going to replace the Willowick Court Townhomes (at right) at the corner of West Alabama and Las Palmas, west of Weslayan? Newer townhomes — at least for the strip along the west side of Las Palmas, on the western edge of the property. It’ll be covered with 38 3-story townhomes, about a dozen of them with rooftop patios. For the larger portion of the 11-acre site, Martin Fein Interests is planning 2 big blocks of apartments. The block pictured above from West Alabama will have 325 units in 6 stories on top of a 2-level parking garage, with a garden and pool in the courtyard and towers at the corners. Another 188-unit block lining West Main will have 7 stories on top of a single-level garage and feature an 8th-floor wine bar on the southeast corner (at left in the above image), a source tells Swamplot. The view below shows that building’s southeast corner, with the larger structure visible beyond it:


The townhomes:

An additional section of the complex will be left vacant for a possible future tower. The 171 Willowick Court Townhomes — located a few blocks south of where Willowick St., which runs through River Oaks, gives up its name for Weslayan — are scheduled to be demolished next month. McCord Development had purchased the land in 2008, with plans to sell off the tree-lined property in 62 pieces — as million-dollar lots for luxury homes, in a gated and surveillance-camera-covered community with a guarded entrance off West Alabama. Fein bought the site from McCord last year.

Photos: Willowick Court Townhomes. Images: Steinberg Design Collaborative/Martin Fein Interests.

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