The Unmarking of Mark’s American Cuisine on Westheimer

Mark's American Cuisine, 1658 Westheimer Rd., Hyde Park, Houston, 77006

From alongside the corner retail strip containing Hollywood Food & Cigar and Shaw’s Tattoo Studio, reader Carson Lucarelli captures a look at this weekend’s unlabeling of Mark’s American Cuisine. Normal operations in the former 1920s church at 1658 Westheimer Rd. ceased in late May, just shy of the spot’s 19-year anniversary in July. Eater Houston previously reported that eponymous chef Mark Cox was considering other (more casual) food-projects for the space, though the fine dining restaurant had planned on hosting private events throughout the rapidly waning summer.

Photo: Carson Lucarelli

Hyde Park Mark Down

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  • Personal opinion on this location is that it would be better suited as a casual concept given the surrounding uses. With La Granage, Common Bond and the hipster retail across the street another dining option would likely be welcomed. It is one of the few areas that seems to have decent foot traffic, so orienting the restaurant as such would be solid.

  • Here’s a better idea, give us back dream merchant?

  • @cm: Wow, Dream Merchant…now you are bringing back memories of lower Westheimer during my high school years. The kids these days have no idea how fun it used to be in the 80’s. I heard recently that a 20-something person called #’s, “hashtags”. I just shook my head.

  • Even better yet in the summer of ’86 it was Ralph’s ,a very short lived gay bar(from some of the people from the original Rich’s).