The Ways the Wood Walls Go in Indian Trails

There’s lumber sliced every which way on the walls here in gated Indian Trails, west of Chimney Rock. This 4-bedroom, 3 1/2-bath home, which sits in the 500-year floodplain just south of Buffalo Bayou, was custom-built for its original owner in 1974, back when people weren’t so uptight as we are today about laying wood only vertically or horizontally. We haven’t seen a house with so many different interior wood treatments since . . . oh, this one in Braes Terrace, a few years ago . . . and that didn’t last too long.

Walls, how can we cover thee? Let us count the ways:


The 3,409-sq.-ft. home has been listed since February — for $630,000.

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  • It’s definitely of its time–it makes me want to put on my velour shirt and snack on some fondue, while James Taylor plays on my quadrophonic sound system. We can laugh at that style now, but they did it beautifully with this house. It looks fantastic. I hope whoever buys it keeps the wood and stone (although ripping out that hideous green and yellow carpet might be a good move).

  • Hope the new owner has plenty of leather-bound books to complement the rich mahogany.

  • The bathroom is simply breathtaking. I gasped. I’m not sure if it was positive or negative though.

  • i woodn’t change a thing about this house. especially not the carpet.

  • It is a beautiful home and true time capule of its era. And yes, the diagonal wood is almost exclusive to it’s period – sorta like you never see a skylight in a home built after 1985.

  • That’s a kitchen Mike Brady would be proud of.

  • Maybe some exec at Weingarbage can buy it and stucco-lite over the wood and have a lovely mural of Toscana painted on the walls.

  • My gosh, I’m dizzy just looking at the pictures.

  • hmmm, yes it seems to be true about “never see[ing] a skylight in a home built after 1985.” I think that’s because skylights bring attention to the architectural envelope, whereas, recently, home design has focused on surfaces (decoration.)
    I do like solatubes though! Have two and wish I had more of them.

  • This would’ve been a great Neighborhood Guessing Game contestant!

    Let’s see:
    Louisiana-Pacific executive, confident yet private. Probably north-side of Houston. Enjoys music, television, bubble baths with his special someone and, probably, bold, colorful furniture.
    Oh wait that sounds like a dating profile. oops

  • Wow. I wonder what the furnishings looked like. It’s a real period piece! Any ideas on the architect?

  • Movocelot is on to something. Perhaps a little more detail:

    SWM who likes to swing and has a groovy pad. Glenn Campbell’s “Galveston” is on my turntable, what’s on yours? I like to look down and think “Vegas” and look around and see nature and rocks and trees and peace and lets all hold hands and smoke Marlborough’s and drink Harvey Wallbangers all day. My place or mine? Call me….

  • JT: What’s with the constant obsession over stucco and Toscana?
    I don’t know if it’s mostly from you, but every post seems to have at least one comment lik: “OMG, NEXT THING YOU KNOW SOMEONE IS GOING TO BUILD SOME FAUX (fill in the blank) STUCCO MONSTROSITY!”

  • Cody,
    I was actually making a joke and I think I only mentioned this once on the RO shopping center thread. What is your constant obsession in trashing COH’s permit process? I think you’ve mentioned it no less than a dozen times???

  • JT: If only a dozen times, I’m slacking.
    Like I said, I wasn’t mentioning you specifically. Honestly I don’t often look at the names commenting, so I don’t really know what screen names tend to make what comments. And as an aside: since anyone can put down any name, judging someone by the comments ‘they’ make is silly.
    My comment was more in regards to the number of times I see “faux tuscan stucco” typed in comments. There is some odd obsession with it. So someone likes boring beige stucco. Good for them. And if you’re doing that siding/color to sell or market a building, it seems logical to do the ‘boring’ thing that has the best chance of attracting the most shoppers/buyers.
    (And no, I don’t have a beige stucco faux tuscan home. I have a 100+ year old home, wood siding, that’s *BRIGHT* yellow :)

  • The style is so 70s, it make me pine for my childhood. The master bedroom is very pimp. I bet the owner got knotty in there! Lots of natural light. After sawing logs all night, the sunshine would make it easy to lumber out of bed. Wood a waterbed be too tacky? One thing’s for sure, I bet he never got board.

  • this listing indicates it is a townhouse/condo? …really? $5k/year for association fees?

    It doesn’t appear to be attached to another property in the photo?