The Wilshire Nearly Sold Out; Carmelo’s Ristorante Italiano Rescued; Transit in the Works for 2018

Photo of River Oaks: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • The Havens’ property tax for the “house” in the photo was over $300K last year. OMG

  • Awesome pic of the Mecom House. Thank God the Arnold’s haven’t torn it down yet. They seem bent on destroying every great house in RO and buiiding a horrid modern museum in their place.

  • finally someone is challenging the dominance of hot bagel. if hot bagel doesnt figure out a way to move people through their line faster, this new place is going to draw a lot of people away.

  • @Jonathan The Mecom House was torn down a few months ago. The mansion pictured is the Neal House.

  • Do your research his father, Mecom Sr. lived in the Neal House. The son owned the house that was torn down. Both by John Staub.