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  • Everything about that kitchen is just way over the top.. the gold tones, the crazy shelf over the stove. I don’t know if that tiled backsplash and floor are in the same room or not but wow, that’s bad!.

  • I think 2.5M is a bit steep for this house, I’m sure they got comps from the Golf Course houses (totally different animal). It backs up to the outer wall of Carlton Woods and those lots are around 300k. I think 1.7M is more appropriate, those houses usually go for 1.5M to 1.8M

  • “Expect the Unexpected in this spectacular Carlton Woods home.” False. There was nothing unexpected inside this home. Everything that I expected might be inside this home was, in fact, inside this home.

  • If that is not a visual felony, I do not know what is.

  • I, for one, think it needs more giant fish tanks. One over the fireplace in the bathroom, one in the space over the stove, and one in the ceiling of the media room to replace the mural of whatever skyline that’s supposed to be.

  • I think this house gave me herpes. My eyes are bleeding.

  • I too was curious about the fireplace/fish tank combo. Could be used for the enhanced interrogation of guppies…

  • Crazy decor for sure. Then the kids rooms were plain jane. I dont get it.

  • The kid’s rooms look both blue and very sad.

  • Kids must visit only on the weekends … what’s up with the two flanking palms at the front door? In first picture, one on right has died … but in second shot, it’s alive.

  • Expect the Unexpected. Ok, I didn’t expect Rosie from The Jetsons to be in the corner of the dining room…

  • Fug. Looks like Kirkland’s threw up.

  • I love the irony of the scene painted on the ceiling of the media room. I thought the reason you moved so far away was so that you *DIDN’T* have to look at that? Do townhomes in Midtown now feature murals of 100-year old oaks and pines? Armageddon!

  • It gives a whole new meaning to sleeping with the fishes.

  • This makes the cottage on Woodhead glow in comparison.

  • Kids either visit only on weekends as Amy said or there aren’t any kids and those rooms have been staged. Photo 24 shows a side table picture of a much older child than would be using any of those toys.

  • Tony Soprano’s relocated! Enemies get fed to the fishes.

  • I realize everyone’s taste is different, but that dining room looks like it belongs to the Addams Family.
    And seriously, do people that have homes like this hire a decorator, or did they just go to the nearest furniture store and say “here’s $30k, give me the biggest furniture you got”?