The Woodlands Landing Huge New Pedestrian Complex

THE WOODLANDS LANDING HUGE NEW PEDESTRIAN COMPLEX The Woodlands’ next big mixed-use development will be named after famous aviator, philanthropist, and recluse Howard Hughes. Hughes Landing will sit at the upper east end of Lake Woodlands, west of The Woodlands Mall and north of the East Shore neighborhood. Its 66 acres will eventually be covered with 8 office buildings, a boutique hotel, shops and entertainment venues, and apartments. Plus: a boardwalk and pier jutting into the lake. First to go up in the new development will be another one of those Gensler-designed office buildings, One Hughes Landing, shown above. Construction on it starts this fall; the building is expected to be finished by the end of next year. [Business Wire]

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  • Looks like they copied the soon to be trifecta of office buildings over by Memorial City Mall, minus the wavy roofs. I remember the days when Houston developers (Hines) tried to put up some interesting stuff.

  • The Woodlands is really booming with office building construction. I wish downtown Houston could get a few new buildings.

  • Maybe they can relocate Hughes Hangar there as well and bring some cheeze to suburbia?

  • Why would you want downtown Houston to get more 8 story generic office towers? I prefer landing things like One Park Place, BBVA Compass Stadium, and Hines’ newish BG Group Place Tower over this thing.

  • Howard Hughes died with no heirs, so who is behind this lovely development?