The Woodlands To Get 7th Village Center, 4th H-E-B

One more of each, thank you: Creekside Park Village Center, rendered above, will be the Woodlands’ 7th and will be anchored by its 4th H-E-B, the master-planned community says. The shopping center will serve Creekside Park, a 100-acre community planned to go in up there west of Lake Paloma. It appears that the center will herd its shoppers inward toward a 4,300-sq.-ft. glass-walled restaurant, which you can see in the rendering. And there’s gonna be a fire pit in that park-like median-thing. (And a water feature on the other end. You know. Just in case.) In all, 80,000 sq. ft. of retail and office space are proposed for the site on Kuykendahl.


The village center will sit between Creekside Forest and Creekside Green, a part of the new community that the Woodlands says will accommodate 6,300 families. (Homes, still under construction, are being sold between $180K and $3 million.) The community will provide access to trailheads near the Spring Creek Greenway and George Mitchell Nature Preserve. The inset map, below, zooms in on the shopping center’s proposed layout; the glass-walled restaurant is labeled “C” and boxed in white:

Images: Creekside Park Village Center [PDF]

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  • The most fascinating thing is that the HEB will be in the median of Kuykendahl. So very out-of-the-box for a suburban development around here.

  • Oooh, it will be exactly like a charming, dignified small Texas downtown except, of course, for the charm and dignity. In other words: Another Boring Shopping Center.

  • Wow, this does look pretty cool, I like the square with the glass wall restaurant… And Kuykendahl separating into 2 one-way streets with the grocery in the middle is interesting… Something different at least, for sure. Hope it gets built.

  • Would it have killed them to put Kuykendahl straight through the store in a glass tunnel?