The Zombie Skeleton Army Slowly Storming the Mansions at Main and Montrose

Folks are always dying to get in and get a peek inside prominent homes fronting major Houston intersections. And here, adjacent to the roundabout at the southern end of Montrose Blvd. surrounding the Mecom Fountain just north of Rice University across from the main entrance to Hermann Park, a Halloween-season folly has been showing off a fantasy reenactment of just that scenario.

The tableau: Gotta-get-inside skeletons scale the security fences, crawl across the lawns, commandeer the topiary, and clamor for the entrance:


Kinda hard to pull off a scene like this if the home isn’t already the object of some curiosity.

A Swamplot reader has graciously documented the invasion’s progress in these photos:

The perimeter has been breached!

Must see . . . must see . . .

A pause for a little cavorting:

. . . and on to the front door:

Photos: Swamplot inbox

A Shadyside Halloween

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