There Shall Be No Net Loss of Sugar on Gray St. in Midtown

THERE SHALL BE NO NET LOSS OF SUGAR ON GRAY ST. IN MIDTOWN Former Sweet Lola Yogurt Shop, 304 Gray St., Midtown, HoustonTop Chef: Just Desserts contestant and $53,580 Kickstarter winner Rebecca Masson has finally announced the exact Midtown location of the Fluff Bake Bar storefront she’s been working on since late last year, on account of she just signed a lease last week: It’s set to go in place of the shuttered Sweet Lola Yogurt Bar, (pictured) which ended its reign at 304 Gray St. in Midtown last September. The spot is one of the city’s relatively small number of to-the-sidewalk retail spaces with actual apartments above. Downstairs, customers will be able to dig into Fluff’s Chocolate Stout Syllabub, risotto fritters with gingered blueberries, or chocolate beet cake with cream cheese ice cream — along with beer and wine — but give her another 3 or 4 months to build out the space before you come knocking, please. [Food Chronicles; previously on Swamplot] Photo: Bluebirds and Butterflies

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  • Glad to see they’re starting to re-fill the empty spots there. We’ve been looking for a better selection of decadant sweetness within walking distance. I just hope they can succeed without having to charge crazy prices like Sweet Lola did. I went there once and had sticker shock at how much yogurt cost. But dang, the toppings were primo.

  • I really hope the people donating $500+ are close friends or family… otherwise what a waste.

  • 53k is basically nothing when it comes to starting a food business, even a bakery. Her alcohol license alone is going to eat a good chunk of that.

  • @Mr.Ection: alcohol licenses can start @ $2500 EACH (that’s for beer & wine ).Liquor licenses can go up to $75000 !!!! Rebecca is taking a HUGE gamble: Sweet Lola didn’t succeed at that location..Unless she offers products @ reasonable(read very competitive prices) and sells in volume,her Kickstarter investors can kiss their money goodbye… And she can’t depend on the tenants in the nearby spaces to make her business PROFITABLE. The overhead is going be substantial…I wish her the best & good luck. Retail is a fickle undertaking..