There’s No Crying in Real Estate: Jeff Bagwell Selling His Memorial Villages Mansion

Don’t ever say sluggers don’t need their creature comforts: This 16,000-sq.-ft., 5-bedroom, 9-bathroom mansion at 405 Timberwilde was home to former Houston Astro and 1994 NL MVP Jeff Bagwell, who retired with 449 homers after 15 seasons. Oh, and his mansion? It’s for sale for $15 million.


Built in 1994 and renovated by Steve Goodchild in 2009, the muted Memorial Villages pad sits on 107,000 sq. ft. near Houston Country Club.

Outside, there’s a saltwater pool:

A volleyball net:

A putting green to practice your short game for those Pro-Am events:

And, though it looks like a mausoleum, a fitness center and spa:

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  • So, next question, where is he and his family moving to?

  • A little TOO neutral for my taste, but otherwise the furnishings and design of the house itself are beautiful.

  • Even his house is on steroids! It’s interesting to note that even in this Noel Furniture “Ocean of Beige” nightmare, living in a house with its own skyline, the Bagwells still couldn’t manage to stay far enough away from each other to stay married. But hey, at least she’s on the best-dressed list!

  • This is the most expensive house in Houston, but it seems like a good deal compared to the most expensive house in Dallas at $135 million.

  • I’d move in today. I’m surprised by the softer, feminine touch to the house tho. Did HE live there?

  • @Schwaghag,

  • Cheesy. Just like Bagwell.

  • That house in Dallas will never sell for anywhere close to asking price, I wouldn’t be surprised if it went for way less than half.
    The owners are asking $135 Mln because they “feel” that what’s it’s worth but comps based on location, land price, and square footage would put it at maybe 1/3 of that price. If they say they spent $80 Mln on construction over the years… well that’s their fault and was stupid but in no way reflects on the real sale value of the house.
    Additionally, a person that might spend over $100 Mln on a residence, has no Reason or Desire to live in a suburb of Dallas, those prices are plausible only in the Hamptons or some parts of California.

  • @commonsense

    Calling Preston Hollow a suburb is like calling West U a suburb.

    25 acres is a nice chunk of dirt…but guess you don’t need all that space when you no longer own the Stars or Rangers.

  • Where is his man-cave? I don’t think I saw one television. Surely there must be a hidden room that has color and life to it.

  • BrewWench, according to the listing, there is a 43’x19′ Media/Gameroom somewhere in that house. I also notice there is not a single picture of any of the bedrooms. I guess serious bidders will be shown the other rooms.

  • and the property taxes will be a little over $1000 a DAY.

  • Commonsense indeed makes common sense. All are points well taken.