Third Ward Affordable Housing HQ Starts Construction; Weekend 290 Lane Closures

Photo of mural at Wash Ave and Braeshear St.: elnina via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • I grew up in Houston and so I’ve seen my fill of freeway construction. The 290 project is the longest, ugliest and most poorly managed I’ve witnessed. My kid was in 2nd grade when it started and is graduating in May. During every phase the trash and debris has laid for years to simply build up and blow everywhere. The mud and grime are never mitigated. I’m actually pretty laid back but sitting at any of the feeder lights is just damn depressing. Exits could move at any moment and continually go unmarked. Weeks of beautiful weather would seem to be ideal but piles of crap and equipment sit idle for months.It’s an embarrassment to the city for out of towners to visit yearly for conventions and comment with a chuckle on how “nothing’s been done”.
    Someone’s head should roll. I realize there’s no penalty for poor performance with these make work boondoggles but it feels good to finally bitch.