Third Ward Townhouses, On Their Way Up

Flanked by a pair of churches, these stick frames just popped up in the Third Ward. Plans for the development called Bastrop Plaza show a row of 9 townhouses on a vacant lot at the intersection of Webster and Bastrop. That’s a block west of Dowling St., 2 blocks south of the Gulf Fwy., and 2 5 north of Emancipation Park, primed for a very expensive redevelopment project of its own this summer. A sign at the construction site here announces that the townhouses will start at $260,000.


The 4-story, 3-bedroom, 1,900-sq.-ft. townhouses are squeezed right in there facing Webster St., next to a vacant building facing Dowling St.:

Floor plans indicate a 2-car garage and a rooftop terrace:

Here’s the view from Webster St.:

Images: Bastrop Plaza (plans); Allyn West (others)

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  • I laud these bearers of culture and civilization, these manifest destiny-fulfilling pioneers of the Third Ward. Wagons, ho!

  • lol @ Jason. Well said.

    Honestly, this just continues the gentrification that had started in the 3rd ward before the housing crisis. the edges of the 3rd ward are filling in.

    Get on google earth and scan over the 3rd ward, there are lots upon lots upon lots of empty property. With demand the way it is in Houston, this area is prime for redevelopment.

  • At least they’re around the corner from HPD, might mitigate some of the crime native to that area.

  • I’ll stick with my nice “safe” 4th ward, thank you very much. These better be danged luxurious to command considerably more than my similiarly-sized townhome.

  • Just looked at a 1965 Google Earth view and Third Ward was chock full of rowhouses. Now at least half of them are gone. What happened?

  • What happened to the row houses? They’re now called townhouses and they’re still built identically in neat rows.

  • Mike- Wood houses don’t do very well when neglected in this climate.

  • Dana-X, I get what you’re saying, but it’s mostly vacant space where they used to be.

    So when these neglected houses rotted and had to be demolished, nothing was built to take their place? Also seems weird that houses built in the 19th century all survived the elements through 1965 and then started to fall apart left and right. There’s a social explanation, just not sure what it is.

  • Garnet Coleman must get red-faced everytime he drives by a new townhome development in 3rd Ward. He tries so hard to keep it poor and “in his court.” Sorry Mr. Coleman, the invisible hand of the market will overcome your “noble work.”

  • Ummm…according to my map, the intersection of Webster and Bastrop is 5 blocks north of Emancipation Park, not 2.

  • “I’ll stick with my nice “safe” 4th ward, thank you very much.”
    Crime is at least one reason we left 4th ward and moved to the 3rd. We love it here!

  • @Superdave: Yes, you’re right. Thanks for catching that!