This Century’s Rise in Home Prices; Rare Local Air Monitoring Equipment Exhibited at Museum

Photo of the Chambers County Courthouse: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Well, once you consider cumulative inflation since 2,000 is about 40%, seems pretty dismal. (Doesn’t seem to say they’re adjusting for inflation anywhere either)

  • Commonsense, good point.

    Assuming 2% inflation. 1-(1-0.02)^(17 years)=30%

    So real estate has maintained its value. I’d have to look up actual stats but from memory inflation was officially lower than 2 so that means sight appreciation. Unofficial stats over 2 mean slight depreciation.

    In a healthy non land constrained market, real estate values following inflation and poison growth is what should be expected.

  • Population, not poison… phone autocorrect.