This Weekend’s Blade-On-Branch Action Upstream from White Oak Music Hall

Glen Park resident and
periodic White Oak Music Hall critic Beth Lousteau sends along this Tuesday retelling of a Mother’s Day encounter with a work crew apparently having a go at some vegetation along Little White Oak Bayou near 210 Glen Park St. The property, including the warehouse across an unpaved road, was bought last spring by White Oak W2 Investments, an entity controlled by the White Oak Music Hall developers. Lousteau says that workers on the site told her they’d been tasked with clearing a nicer view to the water, but that the boundary between the purchased property and the county-owned floodway land wasn’t marked.

Here’s a brief glimpse of the scene reportedly taken that Sunday, when Lousteau encountered the work crew mid-whir:


And a quick 360 around the site while a paused worker is on the phone:

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  • It’s nice to see this white oak company showing some pride in the area. I appreciate the improvements they’re making to our neighborhood.

  • um, thanks?

  • People love to cut down any semblance of ‘Wild’. It is like they can’t help it. I used to get really grumpy at a town-home development that was next to white oak bayou below I10 because their landscaping crews would mow 20-50 ft out from their perimeter fence. They would mow down bluebonnets and all kinds of flowers. They said they didn’t like the tall grass on the bayou and would do whatever they wanted even though it wasn’t their property. The funny thing is that the grass near their fence grew much faster than anywhere else because of the fertilizer run off from their lawns. So if they knew how to properly care for their lawns they wouldn’t have even had a a problem in the first place.

    Oh well, just turn it all into a manicured lawn..

  • The roots from those trees help keep the bank in place and prevent erosion. At some point, the landowners will start complaining about losing their land to the bayou and then want to put in a concrete retaining wall. Sigh.

  • Isn’t this against the law?!

  • jesus get a hobby, lady

  • “nicer view to the water”
    Obviously the people making these decisions have never stepped foot in Houston.

  • Didn’t actual buffalo keep this trimmed before music halls did?

  • “clearing a nicer view to the water” = more room to park dumpsters and trailers