Those White Marble Kitchen Countertops, Years Later

How design blogger Joni Webb’s Calacatta slabs have been acclimating themselves to West U.: “Is white marble really practical in a kitchen? Yes, that age old question. Doesn’t white marble stain? I’ve had my marble countertops for almost three years now and I have to say, I don’t have any stains at all. But, what I do have are a few smudges. You can’t really see them unless you look sideways in the sunlight – and then you might notice that there are – for lack of a better word – smudges. These spots look like clear water dried on the marble. I know that all I need to do is get the marble cleaned and resealed again, but truthfully, these few marks don’t bother me at all.”

Photo: Cote de Texas

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  • Why do people keep decor/clutter on their counters? I spied in the photo a decorator plate, a lamp, a collection of different oils, a tray of “stuff” and a stack of baskets. And this is just in the vicinity of the sink. Where does such a person prepare meals? Stack dirty dishes? Roll out pie dough? Why not keep the oils over by the stove?

  • People who have marble countertops aren’t exactly known for cooking, in my experience. That and they don’t drink red wine therefore, I don’t trust them.

  • the photo was probably styled.

  • We have carrera marble countertops – cook and bake a ton and have two kids. And we drink red wine (well, not the kids). We opted not to go with granite – but to use a material that will have patina from years of use and not look perfect every single day like granite. Go to cafes or bars in Europe and you’ll see marble that has been there for hundreds of years. Still stunning.

  • What the hell? Who cares?