Thousands of Gallons of Water Now Hanging Over Preston St. from Market Square Tower’s Roof

Market Square Tower, 777 Preston St., Downtown, Houston, 77002

Just added: water for the cantilevered glass-bottom pool jutting out of Market Square Tower’s rooftop deck, some 41-plus-or-minus-the-penthouses stories above street level. Woodway is now advertising leasing availability for November, with some of the smaller one-bedroom units listed for $2,100 and up per month (and the largest of the penthouses, a 3-bedroom 3.5-bathroom 3-balcony affair, listed at $18,175) . The current floorplans available on the site now also suggest that the ground floor retail options will include a cafe, in addition to that CVS announced last month.

Those not enthused by the prospect of dangling over the downtown streetscape can opt for the other pool on the 4th-floor terrace, which overlooks Preston and Milam St.:


Rendering of 777 Preston pool deck

One can, however, swim in the rooftop pool without venturing over the edge:

Rendering of 777 Preston pool deck

Images: Swamplot inbox (photo), Jackson & Ryan (renderings)

Filling Up Downtown

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  • I wonder at what price-point prospective residents will get a dip in the roof-top pool as part of the tour…

  • reports of rooftop skinny-dipping to commence in t-minus 21 days…

  • There’s another pool on the 5th level (I think), so probably average renters cannot access that special, terrifying pool!

  • The listed rent prices seem way, way too high. The housing market and economy aren’t doing so hot, especially in the “overpriced luxury apartments” sector. Yeah, this seems like a really cool building in possibly the best location in the city for a high rise apartment, I’ll give it that. But let’s take a quick trip over to Austin and see what comparable units are going for in similar downtown Austin locations–y’know, Austin, where the economy is doing well and the housing market is red hot. Well, comparable high-end luxury units there are going for around 2/3 the price. They’re not going to even lease half their units at these prices.

  • I believe they are offering a pretty sizeable concession on these units right now. Also, I believe the Bowie in downtown Austin may be some of the highest rents in the state. Great project in a great location – not sure how the rents compare.

  • Just what Houston needs: an opportunity for plebes on the ground to view the hind ends of the elite up above.

  • Just when I think a developer can’t be outdone on insane–Miz Brooke Smith – hilarious