Tiger Woods Golf Course Construction Tees Off; The Big Squabble Over Houston’s Tiniest Park

1500 westheimer

Photo of 1500 Westheimer Rd.: Russell Hancock via Swamplot Flickr Pool


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  • Oooooooo. : just what Montgomery County needs: ANOTHER golf course. I bet the Tiger Woods designed greens will attract men and their mistresses !!!! Perfect…

  • Well, I’m pleased that Swamplot got the credit for being a “wry” Houston real estate site and got some well deserved free press out of it. I disagree however that Swamplot purposely posted unflattering images of the parklet, that was not an accurate statement. I’ve actually been to see the Parklet and actually Swamplot’s images are flattering, it actually looks worse in person, hard to believe I know, but true.

  • Hopefully there will be a follow-up, comments of swamplot commenting on the comments related to the comments regarding the comments of the comments of the commencement comments.
    it will be better than rise of the prequel of the beginning of the dawn of the rerelease of the planet of the apes.

  • The $785 per day penalty for not getting The Woodlands Parkway expansion done is a joke – – thus no urgency. I am surprised the number is referenced so often, as it is not at-all commensurate with the negative impact to the community.