Timbergrove H-E-B’s All-Aisle Goodbye

Look closely in the photo above from yesterday evening, writes one of the 2 Swamplot readers who sent in dramatic pix showing the demolition-in-progress of the Timbergrove H-E-B at 1511 W. 18th St. (near Ella and T.C. Jester), “and you can see all the store aisle signs hanging (signs that say coffee, paper towels, etc).” The groceries themselves had previously been evacuated: The very-close-to-White-Oak-Bayou store closed at the end of January, just as the new, larger, and more highly elevated double-decker Heights H-E-B opened a mile away on N. Shepherd Dr. between 23rd and 24th streets.


Photos: Swamplot inbox

Market Turbulence

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  • Before they bulldozed it down, nice to see HEB took all their signage out of the facility and recycled/upcycled all the interior… ummm, hold on…

  • Even in their heyday, those HEB Pantry sized stores were just too small. And, I love HEB. The area’s residents are better served by moseying the mile down to the newfangled store on Shepherd.