Tinting a Westbury Mod Under Glass

A modified 1959 mod home with tinted clerestory in Westbury has changed hands 5 times in 8 years — after decades with the same owner. Last week, the now-even-more-open-plan property appeared on the market once more, this time with a $425,000 asking price. It last sold in March 2013 for $348,000. Back in 2005, before all the flipping and renovations, it sold for $152,367. Other sales scored $129,000, $374,990, and $389,000. Somewhere in that chain of ownership came a big fan of glass-panel doors. They’re installed throughout the home, starting with the living room (above).


The dining room is a bit of a hub and pass-through space; it abuts the entry hall, located beyond a partial brick wall (above), the kitchen and columned flex space leading to another door pair:

The kitchen has a glass-panel door as well, but it’s a single, not a set. County records indicate a 2010 remodeling. The listing mentions flooring tweaks in 2011 and calls attention to the eat-in kitchen’s Silestone counters and honed and sealed Travertine floor.

More see-through doors, accessing another patio, show up in the master bedroom suite:

One of the 4 secondary bedrooms has been used as an office:

Another, with a door to the yard, has done time as a den. It’s between 2 back bedrooms:

This patio is in the side yard off the living room:

A modest overhang throws a splash of shade on a house-hugging patio area by the remaining yard on the home’s treeless west side.

Updates mentioned in the listing include French drains, under-slab plumbing, Hardiplank siding, low-E windows and doors, plus a recent roof and electrical wiring (plus all that window tinting in the living room, dining room and kitchen).

At 2,822 sq. ft., the home is one of the larger for its block, which is located north of W. Bellfort Ave. near Chimney Rock’s divided thoroughfares flanking the spillway. The quarter-of-an-acre property is one lot and a side street away from a fenced, landscape-shrouded low-rise city water tank. Nearby commercial properties include a pet groom and board resort.

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  • It is unfortunately one block over from a garbage heap of a strip mall that has been “under redevelopment” for years. Dunno about that price.

  • For that price, they should do some landscaping.

  • How does a half century old house not have mature trees to the west? Why do people hate trees? Why!

  • Westbury ==> $400k+

    Who knew?

  • This market is absolutely crazy. Way outside the loop for $425K? And somebody will buy this.

  • I wouldn’t call 1.5 miles “way outside the loop”.

    They should probably ditch the AC cage though…doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in buyers.

  • I just want that blue rug, the house is a snore..

  • You can see the listing from early 2013 linked from this Swamplot post a few months back: http://swamplot.com/houston-home-listing-photo-of-the-day-hall-of-fame/2013-02-05/

    a) I’m not quite sure what’s been done to justify the price jump from last time, since it looks identical aside from the furniture (and awesome guitars).
    b) I can confirm that a great deal has been done to the house since 2010, when we were under contract to buy it. And then we got the home inspection and backed out… it genuinely needed each and every item done that is listed above as having been repaired in the last few years. It’s a house with lovely bones, but I wish the renovations had been done with more of an eye towards its MCM roots. Instead, the interior looks like each and every new build in town. *sigh* But at least it wasn’t torn down, which is what we expected to happen after getting the inspection results.

  • Someone asked why it doesn’t have trees — it did in 2010, but unfortunately they were on their last legs and needed to be cut down. That was one of many repairs we got quotes on before backing out on our offer.

  • Wow, the original listing’s photos give you a lot better sense of the interior spaces.

  • @Tinyvoices Are you referring to the strip center on W. Bellfort?

  • The photoshopped sky is a better effort than most, but it’s no match for the beautiful cirri in the prior listing. I wish my mornings always looked like that.

  • Nobody wants to pay $400k to live next to ugly commercial detrius (especially Westbury Square). In much of Spring Branch, for half this much money, I can get a house of similar age in a neighborhood with the same concentration of rundown apartments and equal proximity to wealthy areas. The commercial is low-income and ugly, but it’s bustling and not vacant. The commute is the same, and for another $100k you’ll be zoned to the city’s best schools. No-brainer.

  • Rodrigo… Why so much Westbury hate? By all means, please, enjoy spring branch. I am glad money will stretch so far there…

  • Hey Mike, no hate intended for Westbury, all negative energies were being directed at the sale price of this particular house. Mostly because I like it and wish it was cheaper. I’ll live next to or even *in* the detrius for the right price.

  • @Joey A., yup, and the “Westbury Centerette”, such as it is.

  • I live in WB, it’s a great neighborhood and close to just about everything, which was important when I moved in a couple years ago having lived inside the loop for 15 yrs. houses are selling quickly at 300K +. Exciting to see.