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TODAY IN MAJOR MEDIA MARKET LINKBAIT The marketing folks at real estate brokerage Movoto have drummed up this pointless factoid: If the White House were located in Houston, it would cost $20 million — far less than it would if it were in any of the 6 other major markets they ran the spreadsheet calculation for. (Costs would probably be even lower in suburban Waco, but they’d have generated too few pageviews from calculating that figure to make it worthwhile.) Next least expensive of the calculated cities: Miami, with an imaginary White House worth $39 million. Most expensive: New York, at $387 million. No, this isn’t the cost to build another White House, it’s how much it would cost to buy it, if it were for sale, in a city where it doesn’t exist. [Movoto] Graphic: Movoto

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  • Nick, were you perhaps on the Clemens jury panel when you thought of this factoid?

  • Why does the White House have a white flag on top of it? If you’re going to the effort to put a bunch of stupid clipart cows all around it (which I would make fun of more but I have seen horses in the Inner Loop in the Third Ward), can’t you at least put a semiplausible flag graphic on top?

  • Good points. Thanks! I didn’t design it, but I am surprised no one has been offended about the Texas stereotype. Or is that coming, still? :)

  • can’t you at least put a semiplausible flag graphic on top?

    Republic of Texas?

  • I’m presuming the dollar figures arrived at pertain to the above-ground sqft and not the subterranean portion of the White House nor the excavation to do same?

  • 55,000 sq ft on 18 acres…$20mm? They must have put it for sale in Huntsville.

    14k sq ft house on Lazy sitting on just under 5 acres is listed for $17.5.

  • Is this price next to RR tracks in Rice Miltary, in River Oaks, or out in Atascocita?