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  • Silly oil executives, dumping millions of oil cash into lavish ranches out in Tomball and magnolia and now at $50 a barrel tying to unload them thinking they’re worth anything. $12 mil? I wouldn’t pay $2 mil.

  • So – much – furniture.
    But more is better, right?

  • Conspicuous consumption is exceptionally ugly.

  • commonsense, the land itself is worth more than $2M. With 64 acres, this could very easily be made into an exclusive subdivision and get a lot of your investment back. Multiple lakes, equestrian center, sports center. Don’t say it’s so far out in the boonies. It has very good access to 249 and Beltway. Or go a little north and hit 99. So, good access to anywhere in town. Better than spending $2M for a teardown on 1 acre. And you don’t have to worry about a 14 story high-rise being built next door.

  • If I won the lottery, that might not be a bad pickup.
    I’d of course change the equestrian center into a gokart track, and also get different cars, get rid of that Italian and British crap and replace it with American trucks.
    Who am I kidding, I’d buy a house in River Oaks and ruin life for my neighbors.

  • commonsense – your lack of understanding re: oil economics is rivaled only by your lack of ability to diligence the owners of real property

  • No airstrip for my King Air?

  • Kind of like living in an empty hotel.