Top Comments of the Week: Ciro’s Is Still Open

Keep up the good work, Swamplotters: Lots of great lines, conversation, and info in the comments sections this past week! Here are a few standouts:

  • IKEA Checkout Gets Some Sexy
    From Chris: “I particularly enjoyed the W. Gray Kroger attack because so few people seemed to pay attention. Like it was such a part of the grocery shopping experience…”
  • Washington Ave.: Extending The Core?
    From Jimbo: “Hey, if they want to build the Getty on the Washington corridor I’m all for it but I don’t think the views are going to be able to compare.”
    From Nick: “Just heard from a local business owner that a large portion of this lot has been purchased for development by HHN Homes ( This is presently not listed as an upcoming or currently available project. I would imagine that they would/will sell or lease parcels off, as its a big chunk of land, and develop whats left.”
  • Neighborhood Guessing Game: Organized
    From jeremy: “It looks like the awkward love child of a recent romance between an IKEA/HGTV lovin’ young couple and their 60’s era house that their parents left them before moving to Florida.”
  • Daily Demolition Report: Ciro Down?
    From Tim: “If they plan on demolishing us they might kill about 50-100 people. Anyone need a catering?”

One Comment

  • Thanks to Swamplot and its active contributors for continued updates, especially those regarding demoliton. I might add that in historic areas, removal also counts as a loss, even though the actual structure is not demolished. In just six short years, Houston Heights will no longer qualify for its historic designation. Perhaps we will have a new designation: Houston Heights, Home of the Faux-Historic.