Top Comments of the Week: Emetic

Without the brilliant comments of our readers, Swamplot would be . . . uh, comment-free! So much better that we get stuff like this, no?

  • Turnberry Tower: Turning Away?
    From Howard Hughes: “If they don’t kill it, their heirs will.”
  • Daily Demolition Report: Hewitt Down
    From Zippy_Slug: “I used to live down the street from that house on Crocker.. I don’t really think they need to tear it down.. Just push it over.”
  • Big and Green
    From RWB: “I want my green 9,000 sq. foot house to have a garage big enough for my hybrid Hummer, my biofuel Winnebago, and my solar-powered Sherman tank.”
  • Neighborhood Guessing Game: Entry Bridge
    From marmer: “. . . just to be clear: ‘vomitus’ means either the material vomited or the act of vomiting. It is not an adjective, and there is no such word as ‘vomitous,’ however tempting it may be. It was used colorfully but incorrectly as an adjective by Westley in his final speech to Prince Humperdinck in The Princess Bride. I don’t know of a simple one-word adjective meaning ‘makes me want to throw up’ except perhaps ’emetic.’”