Top Comments of the Week: From Inside the Orb

No open-house tour from us this weekend . . . you can go it alone! Let us know if you see anything interesting. In the meantime, enjoy these tasty reader comments from the past week:

  • Heaven on Earth Sells Again
    From mt: “8′-0″ ceilings are the best you will ever do on this building. Brave souls have looked at removing floors to increase ceiling height, (or even better, adding double height spaces to the ends of the building) but the cost is ridiculous.”
  • Most Unknown: Ashford Point Palace of the Golden Orbs
    From Ben Berwick: “It’s as if each level in the temple serves as a higher order of sought righteousness, whereby a zenith of faith (or brainwashing) culminates on a small platform within the apogee of the dome”
  • Neighborhood Guessing Game: House Pool
    From margo: “I’ve been known to hang a few bras from my treadmill but never a dead animal.”
  • Tips Only: Downtown-to-Midtown Zero-Emission Shuttle
    From Jim: “I dunno … the resemblance is uncanny. Then again, TV’s William Frawley and architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe also looked a lot alike, and I’m at least 65 percent sure they weren’t the same person.”
  • Between Gotham and Renoir: Squeezing New Apartments into the Shepherd Curve Theme Park
    From Pat: “We’ve GOT to get some decent sidewalks, more than one-half person wide, that actually go somewhere and keep all of our residents, neighbors and dog-walkers out of the middle of what is already a major “cut-through” street. Where the Sidewalk Ends is not just a children’s book.”