Top Comments of the Week: Lost Setback

Longtime Swamplot readers know where the action is: in our comments! A few from the this past week:

  • Neighborhood Guessing Game Over: In Tandem
    From marmer: “Maybe the original owner had a clunker prewar auto with no reverse gear.”
  • Coming Soon: Late Night Rice Military Action
    From Bob: “Wait– Sex in cars!? ::calls realtor:: ‘Yes, a condo across from Coco Loco. That’s right. With a good street view. Huh? No, price is no object.’”
  • Las Vegas to Houston: What Are the Odds?
    From Mike: “For the most part, home values in Houston will be steady. Some of the newer product and developments will see a slight discount as builders try to unload inventory, but the same builders are still slowly building – but 4 homes at a time in a development instead of 20. Selling your house in Vegas will likely be a bigger issue for you. The market was hyperinflated there and saturated with speculation and investment buys. A lot of those purchases are now in foreclosure and will undermine the price of anyone trying to put their house on the market. The estimates I have seen don’t have home values recovering in places like Vegas and California for 5 years.”
  • A Collection of Sticks: Costco Apartment Construction Collapse
    From mt: “Construction accidents and defects are more prevalent than one might think. It is mostly related to the ‘lowest common denominator’ approach to construction that most buildings receive. The most exciting accident that I have witnessed on a project was for another major multi-family developer here in town where there was a fire at the bottom of a parking garage, which led to a secondary explosion of a pick-up truck. The fire doors were not fully active yet and the smoke damage was tremendous.”
  • Daily Demolition Report: Lost Shepherd
    From Larissa Lindsay: “. . . the building at Union and Henderson that lost it’s roof during Hurricane Ike, and suffered some structural damage is also expected to be coming down in the near future. We had hoped the owner would stabilize it a number of years ago since it is a former store and built almost to the lot line. Once it s demoed, the set back kicks in and they will loose a fair amount of the lot since it is on a corner.”