Top Comments of the Week: To Smell and To Own

Again, some terrific comments on Swamplot this week! Take a tour of Houston’s real estate landscape with these:

  • Willowbrook House of a Thousand Blessings
    From Miz Brooke Smith: “Yikes. I’d like to make the current owners sit in the Rothko Chapel for 30 minutes and see if they explode.”
    From Carol: “They’ve got a crucifix over one toilet and not one but two Virgin Marys over the other. Perhaps they have intestinal issues and they’re looking for a little help.”
  • Making Room for a Strip Center on Heights Blvd.
    From kjb434: “The heights is part of the original suburbs. It was planned by developers that came in and clear cut a forest. Then filled in natural streams with not only dirt, but land fill (trash). Then they laid out streets in a generic pattern and put up spec homes that mostly looked the same (for some reason they are historic now).”
  • Park Memorial: Just Sitting There
    From Brad: “The contract has been signed and the price (which I cannot tell) is OK. Some folks will make a bit, some will lose a bit. The assessment to band-aid fix the place was $50K EACH. That is the state of disrepair at PM. I know, I owned one.”
  • 17 Problems with Royce Builders: Lavish Spending, Loose Keys, Roaming Rats
    From surviving: “i see the john speer home is up for sale, doesn’t that say just about everything that needs to be said? royce was a great company and i was always treated fair. i look forward to finding another place to work that i can have just as much fun as i did at royce.”
  • Neighborhood Guessing Game: Office Managers
    From margo: “I want to smell it! I want to own it!!”
    From Laura: “All I know is that when they do sell it, there needs to be a blender madness cocktail happy hour, complete with fondue and a bowl on the counter for everyone’s keys. This house isn’t in Houston, it’s in my dreams!”
    From marmer: “Thank goodness it doesn’t hurt to be wrong, or I’d be in the hospital by now.”