Top Comments of the Week: Under the Belly, Around the Junk

Hey, great comments this week, everybody! Here are a few favorites:

  • Finding Hidden Value in the Tremont Tower
    From RWB: “Tremont Tower has plenty of value for me. Amusement value. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.”
  • The New Regent Square: Details and Drawings
    From Elouise A. Jones: “Ugly brick without the proper pigments is very dull, depressing and flat. Unfortunately CVS has put it all over Texas. So have the corner banks. It’s not too late guys to reconsider your choices. Think Texas vernacular, please. Overhangs and trees, clean lines, and don’t forget the sky and good lighting, park benches, birds and a place to water your dog.”
  • Neighborhood Guessing Game: Open Bar
    From Ryan: “They really want to be artsy. The statue of the horse on the breakfast table is an interesting way to go about it though, as you have to look under the horses belly and around its junk to talk to someone on the other side.”
  • White Oak Tower: It Was All Just a Bad Drawing
    From Corey: “Leave the single-use, single-family-only building to the dying exurbs. A nice mix of land-use has been and will continue to be the strong suit of the Heights.”

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