Townhouses Going Up in East Downtown

Here’s more development in East Downtown: These townhouses are under construction on the corner of Live Oak and Lamar, just 2 blocks from the Columbia Tap bike trail that leads to BBVA Compass Stadium. Eventually, according to a site plan on the InTown Homes website, 22 of these 3- and 4-bedroom townhouses will stand on the block bound by Lamar, Live Oak, St. Charles, and McKinney. They’re starting at $364,900.


Images: InTown Homes (renderings); Allyn West (construction site)

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  • The eastern extension begins….

  • I wish someone were selling half that amount of space for two-thirds of that price.

  • @rfs1962 – Thats why we moved to the opposite side of the bayou. You can still get a decent sized townhome for below $250k. But the prices are rising very quickly. Since december 2012, its easily gone up about 10 to 15%

  • rfs1962,

    There are some that size for that price in EaDo, but beware! Some of them are ancient (by Houston standards) and are as old as NINE years old. Depends on your preferences I guess.

  • The bubble will burst at some time! it’s just when?

  • I hope potential buyers notice the recycling centre across the street on the Live Oak side–better known as ‘homeless central’. Shopping cart abound, and the new buyers better not have anything metal around-it is sure to be ripped off for scrap.

  • D’town Boy, that’s what I keep thinking to myself. I feel like a Debbie Downer. I am slowly changing my tune though. People keep moving here, and buildings keep rising. Even if the bubble bursts, we will have new stuff in H-Town. Is that so bad?

  • EADO real estate yields 10% annual appreciation. If you want to build wealth, move there. Also, you will have a very short 10 minute commute to your office downtown.

    That is a fact jack!

  • I totally agree with what’s going on in EADO. Face it. It’s way too close to everywhere people want to be not to turn around. And I don’t see any bubble bursting as it’s not inflated at all. Things are still super cheap.
    Our strategy for EADO, 3rd ward, and med center area can be summarized in 3 words “BUY BUY BUY” (and sell in Montrose, at stupid high prices, to get the cash to do so)

  • What? No “gated community” ? In this area? The horror of commoners interloping on the new construction community!!! How dare they even think of stepping on the new driveways/sidewalks.

  • Eado needs another off ramp from 59. Needs a grocery store.

  • I think things are going to move much quicker over there than many anticipate. Drove by the old Houston Chronicle property last week, and saw a number of trucks, workers, and drilling on at least two sides of the site. One of them confirmed they were doing an environmental study.