TPWD: Chef Involved in Ruggles Establishments Involved in Giant Illegal Fish Network, Too

TPWD: CHEF INVOLVED IN RUGGLES ESTABLISHMENTS INVOLVED IN GIANT ILLEGAL FISH NETWORK, TOO Ruggles Green Alabma, 2305 W. Alabama St., Upper Kirby, Houston, 77098Following 2 years of investigation — and the discovery of some 1,900 pounds of illegal red snapper on an unlicensed boat near Freeport — the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department alleged today that Bruce Molzan  (long one of the main players in most of the Ruggles [Blank] establishments around town, most recently Ruggles Black) is tangled up with what may be the largest illegal seafood network ever uncovered in Texas. A press release from the department says the aquatic activities in question, which so far have warranted the handout of some 200 misdemeanor citations, have been going on since 2013. The state’s allegations toward Molzan include the purchase of illegally harvested finfish, as well as illegal shrimp purchases from another restaurant, for inclusion on Ruggles Black’s and Ruggles Green’s implicitly health– and sustainability-minded menus. (Molzan separated from Ruggles Green back in October, after its original W. Alabama location scooted over into the new midrise down the block; the new owners of Ruggles Green say that fish acquisitions since Molzan left have all been by the books.) [TPWD; previously on Swamplot] Photo of Ruggles Green on W. Alabama: Swamplot inbox

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  • Who cares? Ruggles has always been overpriced and overrated.

  • I have never been to one of the McRuggles and this validates that. An example of government doing good.

  • The same guy that stole tips from his waitstaff until they all walked out?

  • I remember back in the early 90’s going to Ruggles.

    Friends I was with ordered Creme Brulee. It was soggy, so they told the waiter and he took it back.

    Bruce comes to our table with it and a fork in hand. He puts the Creme Brulee on the table and stabs it multiple times in front of all of us and said, “Mushy? This is perfect.” He then walks back to the kitchen. The Creme Brule looked like it has been through a blender.

  • TPWD has some first rate investigators You are generally wise not to get on their bad side ( or Texas Game wardens, for that matter). .
    @shyster–I thought the same thing.

  • @MC: It’s not just about Ruggles. It’s about messing up fisheries.

  • I never ate @ any establishment associated w/ Molzan. He’s an overrated /over priced, self deluded a-hole !!!