Track-Side Townhomes for Less: Heights Blvd. Railroad Perches Now Even Cheaper!

A reader notes that a few of those new Villas at the Heights townhouses from Northgate Custom Homes, built “right on the railroad tracks on Heights Blvd, backing up to the recycling center” are now sporting new — and much lower — asking prices:

The most extreme price reduction on one went from $365k to $299k. There are now 5 units for sale with prices ranging from $289k to $309k. They are getting there, only another $40k to go before someone might actually look at them!

Front-row train-side Unit M — featured in Dave McC’s famous video below — seems to have taken a break from MLS, but it’s still listed on the Northgate website for just $299,900!


Photo and video: Dave McC

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  • $289K is still at least $100K too much.

  • With those train sirens you’d have to pay me $300k to live there. Was that a stupid place to build housing or what?

  • In my opinion, this project is the most indicative of the stupidity that ran high during the real estate boom.

  • The HAR listings have the surrounding units for sale as being built in 2007/ 2008. Is that possibly correct? It seems to me the M unit was finished in 2006, if not earlier. Regardless, one train derailment will finalize the non-sale issue for poor unit M.

  • I’ve toured these TH’s in my effort to find a home insdie the loop. It’s not just the obvious ‘toot toot’ of the train that makes them crap- the inside is no good! Cheap, cheap, cheap! I’ve rented apartments with more quality interiors. And yes, they’re literally on the tracks…the whole package was insane!

  • Not 100k too much, but rather 200k, I think.

  • what is funnier is the fact that there are signs on the balcony that say ‘ great view’ and the balcony looks right over the concrete parking lot full of large metal recycling bins….great view indeed

  • When I first saw the video, I had thought this was somewhere in California. Then I found out this was in Houston. It’s unbelievable that the “boom” would make builders lack such intellegence.

  • Perfect location for a railroad hobo or boxcar Bertha to live!

  • i agree with these comments, but all the townhomes up and down Center (and in the area generally) have the same problem, so I don’t know why we are picking on these. I don’t think that it makes that big of difference if you are 5 yards or 25 yards away from the tracks.

  • Every time I visit that recycling center and then drive home past this place, I LOL and wonder WTF those builders were thinking. Since I moonlight in the foreclosure business, I expect this place to show up on one of my “lists” someday.

  • I looked at a townhome 4 blocks from the tracks when I was in the market and had the common sense to know I would be hearing trains. I ended up buying south of Westheimer and during the winter when the wind is out of the north, we can hear train horns from the tracks these townhomes sit near….

  • I hope they never sell and just rot.

  • I can hear the trains at night from my house in Norhill.

  • Didn’t you know “you can hear the whistle blowin’ 500 miles?” (Just couldn’t resist.) I too live at least 5 miles from active tracks and hear the trains. But I like it! from 5 miles away…

  • Not just the train horns, but the rumble of 10,000 tons flying by your house. I can see my model trains derailing from the vibration.

  • I’m not surprised. Looks like the condo project further down the street has also been cancelled. The Heights needs restaurants and grocery stores — not more condos.