Tracking Sugar Land’s Sugar and Cheese

TRACKING SUGAR LAND’S SUGAR AND CHEESE Where Sugar Land’s Cupcake Cafe couldn’t hold on, macaroni and cheese is going in. The owners of the Jus’ Mac mac-and-cheese-is-all restaurant on Yale St. in Sunset Heights have announced they’re ready to expand to a second location: 16525 Lexington Ave., in a strip center at the corner of Austin Pkwy., behind the First Colony Mall. Expected completion date for the cupcakes-to-pasta makeover: November. [HAIF; previously on Swamplot]

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  • jus mac is the bomb.

  • omg this isn’t even food at all.
    Of course neither are freakin cupcakes.
    What is wrong with us?!

  • agreed with movocelot….there’s nothing but crap food (i’m not talking in terms of taste) in Houston….I guess it’s ok though it’s forced me to learn how to cook and cook healthy at home.

  • If people won’t buy enough cupcakes to keep a place open in this strip, then why would mac purveyors delude themselves into thinking that people will buy enough macaroni and cheese to do the same?

  • You nay-sayers have obviously never been to the Heights location – there is usually a line out of the door. The mac comes in a couple of sizes with your choice of fresh “stuff” mixed in (fresh basil, tomatoes, spinach, etc.)Also contrary to the name, they DO offer paninis and salads. Certainly not health food, but fresh, handmade and MUCH better than the typical chain eateries found in Sugar Land.

    And to the person that said Houston has “crap” food — Jeesh! You need to look outside of the food court. Houston has some of the best restaurants and chefs in the country…Reef, Haven, Michaels, DaMarco, etc….Caswell, Tycer, Kramer, Ortega, etc.

  • I am with asprout on this one. I find myself visiting Jus Mac at least twice a month and each time I have to circle for parking. Only to find myself in a line and a restaurant filled to capacity. Their mac and cheese is nothing I have ever had before and its almost addicting.

    With their really competitive and reasonable prices and how far their macs go in terms of filling you up I think they’re are going to do really well in Sugar Land with all those families.

    I’ll stick to the original location and remain in Houston. You suburbanites are nuts!