Tree Rule Revenge and Other Local Real Estate Targets on July’s State Special Session Hit List

TREE RULE REVENGE AND OTHER LOCAL REAL ESTATE TARGETS ON JULY’S STATE SPECIAL SESSION HIT LIST So what all’s on governor Greg Abbott’s to-do list for July’s special legislative session, following the variously dramatic finales to House and Senate business during the normal session last month? Some 19 topics are included in the governor’s shortlist after the maybe-killed-on-purpose sunset legislation (which Abbott has said has to pass before anything else can be done); the extensive extra credit list, he says, is meant to “make [the extra session] count.“ Plopped in the middle of property tax reform, caps on local spending, changes to local permitting processes, and changes to how cities deal with construction project rules: a ban on local tree ordinances — at least, the ones that impact tree-decisions on private property. (Why the sudden focus on what the governor calls “socialistic” plant regulations, which is placed even higher up the list than taking another go at a bathroom bill? The leafy beef seems to stem from Abbott’s own run-in with an Austin tree regulation back in 2012, which didn’t ultimately prevent him from getting rid of a couple of large pecans he wanted to remove, but did slow things down.) [Office of the Texas Governor; previously on Swamplot] Photo: Swamplot inbox

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  • What does Abbott stand for besides his own interests?
    Why should the state/Austin (once again) decide what is best for Houston?

  • Stick to Houston real estate instead of your biased ramblings about politics. No one cares what you think about Abbott and his quest to stop municipalities from telling residents they can’t cut down their own trees on their own property.

  • Abbott’s issues with trees goes way back.

  • i agree with zzzz. the only way i can maintain my tenuously supported political worldview is by sticking my head in the sand whenever opposing political viewpoints are presented. stick to real estate stories!

  • While the taxpayer cost of at least $800,000 (per diem costs for this 30-day special session) isn’t going all to the discussion of who can regulate privately-owned tree-cutting, it just seems small to include it in the list of 20 items of the things allowed to be considered when things like “sunset legislation” to reauthorize the Texas Medical Board are.
    Of course, all of these items should have been dealt with in the regular session. On the issue of tree-cutting, I’d think 30 minutes is all the discussion time needed. Talk about a dull topic to argue.

  • Shocked.

    Shocked, I tell you, that Abbott lied about his tree issue and being “denied” the right to cut down a poor tree.

    IMO though, this tree issue should be the only item being taken up by the special session.

  • I’m w/ Porchman on this.

    This is more about revenge than politics

  • Porchman FTW.

  • “The leafy beef seems to stem…” This line is gold

  • confident ignorance- you could always start your own blog to whine about things you don’t like. This one is supposed to be about real estate. Look at the top of the page.