Tropioca Midtown: Ready To Move?

Tropioca Tea and Coffee Bar, 2808 Milam St. Suite G, Midtown, HoustonA correspondent sends in this bit of over-the-counter intelligence about Midtown geek-gathering favorite Tropioca:

Tropioca on Milam at Drew is in the process of looking for a new home. They are looking around the midtown area but also at a location near U of H at Cullen and Leeland.

I overheard someone behind the counter saying that their rent has gone up almost 80% and not gradually over a few years, but all at once.

I will be sad to see them go if they leave midtown because they make the BEST frozen cappucino coffee drink inside the loop.

Photo: Yelp user Jill N.

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  • I too enjoy their frozen cappuccino’s and I really hope they stay around midtown!

    Please don’t go Tropioca!!

  • I’d love to see something like Tropioca move into that dumpy little shopping center at Leeland/Cullen — but I just can’t help but feel that it would be bad for business. That place cycles from decent (for a couple months) to absolute crap (for a couple of years), and I’ve never seen a business survive there for long. I’ve just about given up on it ever being more than just another eyesore to give visitors to Eastwood a bad first impression of the neighborhood. Not that the rest of Cullen is much better. . .BUT! Maybe Tropioca can change that!!!

  • I think it would be great if they moved into one of the buildings near Ensemble/HCC Station. That part of Midtown currently does not have a coffee house.

  • Come to Sawyer Heights Street!

  • I agree with Andrew. They should move around HCC. I live in a townhouse near Baldwin Park, and I (along with all of my neighbors) have been craving a place like this for us to walk to! Plus, I would think rent would be a little cheaper in that part of Midtown.

  • I’m wondering what’s the reason for the rent jump? To force tenants out?

    It sounds like maybe the owner of shopping center might be trying to clear the place to sell it?

    After all the Ciro stuff, my mind is thinking in this direction.

  • So did anybody hear anything about where they are moving to or if they are moving at all? The downtown location also closed and I miss getting bubble tea from them. :(